Golden Hits Golden Love Songs For Lovers (mp3) Формат: MP3_CD (Jewel Case) Дистрибьютор: Монолит-Трейдинг Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей 2006 г Сборник инфо 5700v.

Общее время звучания - 4 часа 12 минут Диск содержит 60 треков в формате mp3 Диск записан в формате MPEG Audio Layer 3 256 kBit/sec 44 1 kHz, Stereo Содержание 1 Go The Distance "Live 2 Loveqввоьз" 2 Something About The Way "The Voice" 3 Unbreak My Heart Manola 4 Alone Two Powers 5 I'll Never Break Your Heart Hot Zone 6 I Believe I Can Fly Maxima 7 Have You Ever Really Loved A Women Martini 8 Whenever You Call "Moon'sвнщчш Girl" 9 I'm Still In Love With You Spencer 10 You Light Up My Life "Muzik Masters" 11 It's All Coming Back "Spiral Pure" 12 When You Love A Woman Pinko 13 I Can't Make You Love Me "Piccadilly" 14 Betcha By Golly Now! "Remakers" 15 If You Leave Me Now Maya 16 Don't Make Me Cry Марсель Романов 17 Telling Me Lies Julian Steinberg 18 In The Ghetto King Junior 19 Is It Right Tanaya 20 You Are Not втйипAlone "Sinclair And Wilde" 21 Can I Be Your Sunshine Tina Harris 22 Walking In The Wind Carolina 23 Child Of The Universe "River Boys" 24 Today Is Today Nico 25 Snow On The Sahara Kyria 26 Everybody Wants To Be Your Man "Victory" 27 Never Give Your Love Again JS 28 Is It Right… (Remix) "Chambre Individuelle" 29 Believe In Life Verena Mont 30 Wie Ein Zeichen "Godewind" 31 Babe Can I Hold You Tonight "Pump Sisters" 32 Paint My Love Dart Patty 33 Never Ever "River" 34 So Help Me Girl "After Touch" 35 I Believe In You And Me "BBC" 36 Too Late Too Soon "Plastika" 37 Tell Him "Blue Angels" 38 Forever "Kino" 39 I Believe Angie 40 Butterfly "Anthera" 41 Until I Find You Again Jordan 42 Mama "C-Ya" 43 Don't You Love Me Bennet 44 Sunny Came Home qвуико"Atlantis" 45 Foolish Game Jewel 46 No Matter What "Enerjay" 47 I Knew I Loved You "Escape" 48 Show Me The Meaning "Blue Dream" 49 Too Much "Airy" 50 How Can I Tell You "B&B" Project 51 I Don't Want To Miss A Thing "Atlantis" 52 Torn "Pow-Wow" 53 My Heart Will Go On Judi Ross 54 Truly Madly Deeply Джеймс Корнер 55 Born To Make You Happy "InDeep" 56 All My Life "Sonique Dee" 57 Genie In A Bottle Levy 9 58 Glorious "Circle 99" 59 Don't Let Go Kyria 60 How Do I Live Kikka Исполнители (показать всех исполнителей) "Live 2 Love" "The Voice" Manola.