Jennifer Brown Original Album Classics (3 CD) Серия: Original Album Classics инфо 7991u.

Диски упакованы в картонные конверты и вложены в картонную коробку Содержание CD1: Jennifer Brown Giving You The Best 1 Loving Every Minute 2 Put A Little Love In Your Life 3 Heaven Come Dowбфргиn 4 My Everything 5 You Move Me 6 Take A Piece Of My Heart 7 Giving You The Best 8 So Beautiful 9 How Happy 10 Throwing Good Love After Bad 11 Can't Get Over You 12 Don't Let It Go CD2: Jennifer Brown In My Garden 1 In Myвдбми Garden 2 Adore 3 When To Hold On 4 Think About Me 5 Best Friend 6 I'm In Love 7 Sweet Remedy 8 On My Mind 9 One Secret 10 Feel That Natural 11 Love Will Remain 12 Why Do I Love You CD3: Jennifer Brown Vera 1 Tuesday Afternoon 2 Two In The Morning 3 Walls 4 Paper Crown 5 Alive 6 Nobody Knows Me Like You Do 7 Naked 8 Chico 9 Trembling 10 Rose Colored Glasses 11 Past Life 12 Daddy's Gone вояшл Исполнитель Дженнифер Браун Jennifer Brown.

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